Total calamity for poor countries says Economist, what about bankcrupted Greece after 10 years of poverty?

The next calamity
The coronavirus could devastate poor countries

It is in the rich world’s self-interest to help

LeadersMar 26th 2020 edition

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THE NEW coronavirus is causing havoc in rich countries. Often overlooked is the damage it will cause in poor ones, which could be even worse. Official data do not begin to tell the story. As of March 25th Africa had reported only 2,800 infections so far; India, only 650. But the virus is in nearly every country and will surely spread. There is no vaccine. There is no cure. A very rough guess is that, without a campaign of social distancing, between 25% and 80% of a typical population will be infected. Of these, perhaps 4.4% will be seriously sick and a third of those will need intensive care. For poor places, this implies calamity.

Comment: Imagine what is going to happen in our coumtry from the financial point of view in a couple of weeks as staikouras (the financial ministder says and pomises. TOTAL DISASTER

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