That’s why Pesident Trump will win this second presidency, because he is a fighter who never leaves the battle field to the end

As a candidate he has broken all the rules, as a president did the same,

He continues proclaiming even now his anti-establishment message.

He opened thousands of new jobs for americans.

He gave a new hope to american people.

He believes in God and prays to give him the courage to drain the swamp.

He still up to now does what he promised “to drain the swamp”.

He succeded Isis to stop attacking people all over the earth and kept islamic terrorists out “in hell” as he said.

He also started building a great wall to protect the country from the worst groups of mexican invaders, (immigrants) drug dealers, criminal, rapists etc.

He did as he promised: “A new vision for this very first day of his presidency forward, that he will govern our land against globalists and global governance”.

In cocnclusion, he is the only one to make America great again!

Look at the following video and now you know why all the establishment’s frauds and traitors are fighting against him from the day he announced his candidacy in 2016 up to now.



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