Simple Display Illustrates Concept That Devastates the Transgender Movement


A 20-second video clip destroys the harebrained, left-wing narrative being rabidly pushed by transgender activists that gender is a social construct and not a biological reality.Twitter user Zelda Webb posted a video with the sarcastic caption, “Nature being transphobic.”The clip succinctly illustrates one of the many, irrefutable biological differences between men and women.

In this case, the video spotlights that female pelvises are generally wider and larger than male pelvises because nature designed women’s bodies to be able to carry children.

Men cannot get pregnant or bear children — and no amount of hormone treatments, makeup or genital mutilation surgery changes this fact.

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The viral video, which was retweeted thousands of times, garnered more than 1.3 million views in the three days since it was first posted on Tuesday.

Numerous Twitter users reacted, with many saying the clip eloquently and effortlessly demonstrates how males differ genetically from females.

“Biology doesn’t lie,” one person quipped.


Another asked jokingly, “Where’s the pelvis for “non-binary”?🤣

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One commenter remarked, “Nature doesn’t care about people’s delusions.”

The video is a slap in the face to science-denying leftists who insist that a man can magically become a woman simply by taking hormones, getting breast implants or wearing makeup and high heels.

As an example of the comedy of horrors that is today’s transgender movement, a June 2022 NPR story about a nationwide tampon supply shortage referred to tampon consumers as “people who menstruate” instead of simply as “women.”


Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia mocked NPR’s stilted political correctness by posting a video that showed a stack of tampons sitting idly in a men’s bathroom.

“Women can’t find tampons on store shelves, but men find tampons in their bathrooms,” she tweeted on June 15.

“The Democrat version of America is a disgusting disaster.”


Today’s unhinged leftists screech that conservatives are anti-woman because they oppose the mass murder of unborn babies while simultaneously spouting misogynistic propaganda that trivializes and negates womanhood.

Is the transgender fad doomed to die out?

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In addition to championing men who dominate women’s sports, crowning a man the winner of a women’s beauty pageant and naming a man “Woman of the Year,” trans activists have gone to extremes to marginalize and erase women.

This insanity has to stop. Not only is it anti-science and anti-common sense, it’s harmful to children and toxic to society at large.


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