Satan’s kingdom behind George Soros

Satan is alive and active on planet earth
and George Soros is doing his will, destroying one patriotic
nation after another, according to a Hungarian politician.

> The mega-billionaire’s war on
> countries that refuse to accept millions of Muslim
> immigrants from the Middle East is really “Satan’s Soros
> Plan,” he said. (Greece is included).
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> Andras Aradszki tore the lid off the
> plot on the floor of Hungary’s national parliament in
> Budapest.
> “Yes, I speak of an attack by
> Satan,” said Aradszki, the nation’s energy
> undersecretary.
> Aradszki, who is a member of the
> Christian Democratic People’s Party, said George Soros
> wants the European Union to siphon away the national
> sovereignty of its member nations, bribe them – or force
> them – to accept waves of Islamist “migrants,” and
> destroy the traditional Christian civilization of each and
> every country in the world.
> Soros admitted parts of the “Soros
> Plan” in an op-ed in 2015, calling for Europe to do
> nothing about the uncontrolled flood of Islamist immigrants.
> EU nations would just receive these people, and their
> languages and customs, whether they like it or not.
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> “The EU has to accept at least a
> million (Muslim) asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable
> future,” Soros wrote.

> Soros’ plan for Europe wouldn’t
> come cheap – and Americans would be on the hook for a lot
> of it. He wrote that the EU would “need to make an annual
> commitment” of “at least €8-10 billion, with the
> balance coming from the United States.”
> He said the EU needed to develop a
> “comprehensive plan” that will “reassert effective
> governance” over its 28 member nations.
> The most important thing, he wrote, is
> that the EU “put an end to the panic,” because too many
> nations were opposed to being flooded with Muslim
> fundamentalists coming from terrorist-sponsors.
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> Why not? The jet-setting Soros can
> always flee to another one of his mansions, behind massive
> gates secured by teams of armed guards.
> This this is all part of his plan to
> destroy traditional religious culture and create a new world
> government, Aradszki stated.
> “Soros and his comrades want to
> destroy the independence and values of nation states for the
> purpose of watering down the Christian spirit of Europe with
> the forced settlement of tens of millions of migrants,”
> Aradszki said.
> He said Soros was behind “abortion,
> euthanasia, same-sex marriage, and the forced politicization
> of gender theory.”
> Aradszki said, though he was in Hungary
> at the time, he prayed in his heart with millions of Polish
> people during the “Rosary on the Borders.” Millions
> circled Poland, surrounded it in prayer, and made a
> statement that their nation was closed to Islamic
> terrorism.
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> Prayer is a powerful weapon, Aradszki
> said, and “George Soros will also experience this.”
> Until then, he praised the government
> for mailing response forms to every home in Hungary, asking
> their opinion on “the Soros Plan” earlier this month.
> Everyday people must “make our
> opinions known about Satan’s Soros Plan, but also for us
> to make our opinions known about what we think of our
> homeland’s thousand-year-old history, our national
> sovereignty, our freedom, and our beloved Europe.”
> Hungary has come out swinging against
> Soros’ financial – and political – war against the
> West.
> Prime Minister Viktor Orban is Soros’
> Public Enemy Number One. He has exposed Soros’ plans and
> massive influence on the governments of national, and
> international, bodies. He has opposed Soros opening his own
> university in Budapest.
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> Hungary’s deputy prime minister said
> that Soros’ war is part of a long, proto-Communist hatred
> of God, freedom and patriotism.
> “Fundamentally, the root of this
> hundreds of years ago started from Freemasonary’s
> inspiration, which later had a Jacobin version and a
> Bolshevik version, and one of its many branches is the
> Soros-type extreme-liberal thing,” said Zsolt Semjén on
> national radio the day after Aradszki’s speech.
> Extreme left-wing ideology
> “hates…Christian Europe’s traditions and civilization,
> and – if possible – even more hates the
> nation-states.”
> Media outlets have dismissed these
> warnings about Satan’s plan to import terrorists as
> anti-Semitic hatred.
> The Forward called any denunciation of
> George Soros hate speech against all Jewish people. The
> paper said the national consultation – which does not
> mention Jews, Judaism, or Israel – is “redolent of
> classical anti-Semitism” – although the paper admits,
> “The word ‘Jew’ was never uttered.”
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> Soros, who was born Jewish, allegedly
> collaborated with the Nazis before fleeing his home
> country.
> A Soros spokesperson told the Financial
> Times that normal European citizens have nothing to worry
> about. “There is no such thing as a global conspiracy
> against Hungary orchestrated by George Soros,” he said.
> Soros has made a fortune betting on the
> stock market – but the Hungarian people aren’t buying
> his bull on this.
> “We want a Hungarian Hungary and a
> European Europe,” said Orban.
> Hungarians overwhelmingly want to
> preserve their own culture, language, and borders – and
> they’re reward politicians who are willing to do something
> about it. More than 80 percent of the Hungarian people
> support the two toughest parties on border security: Viktor
> Orban’s Fidesz Party and the even more nationalist Jobbik
> Party. Orban seems to be a shoo-in to win a third term as
> prime minister in April.
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> Meanwhile, Soros is ginning up his
> operations in the U.S. He refilled his Open Society
> Foundation with $18 billion of his personal wealth to wage
> political warfare against America.
> Maybe it isn’t just political –
> maybe it truly is demonic.
> Be sure to read The Horn News as we
> expose Soros’ anti-American political maneuvers around the
> world.
> And say a prayer for America this
> Sunday – and everyday – that Soros’ money won’t
> convince us to destroy our country’s foundations.
> — Frank Holmes is a reporter for The
> Horn News. He is a veteran journalist and an outspoken
> conservative that talks about the news that was in his
> weekly article, “On The Holmes Front.”

P/S God save America and Greece from Soros’ demonic influence!

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  1. Χαίρεται αγαπητέ κύριε Ευαγγελάτο!!! Θα τα πούμε εμεις οι δυο αναλυτικα σιγουρα καποια αλλη στιγμη, εαν τυχει και ειμαστε πρωτα ο Θεος καλα. Τωρα δεν εχω ορεξη, εχω ιδιαιτερη αναγκη απο μοναξια και μοναχικοτητα αυτον τον καιρο. Σ’ευχαριστω για την κατανόηση!!! Κατα τ’αλλα, τιποτε ιδιαιτερο, ανεργη ειμαι ακομα, χρηματα δεν εχω και συνεπως δεν εχω καμια επικοινωνια και βοηθεια απο πνευματιστη και φορτισμα με θετικες ενεργειες!!!

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