Satan’s kingdom behind George Soros

Satan is alive and active on planet earth
and George Soros is doing his will, destroying one patriotic
nation after another, according to a Hungarian politician.

> The mega-billionaire’s war on
> countries that refuse to accept millions of Muslim
> immigrants from the Middle East is really “Satan’s Soros
> Plan,” he said. (Greece is included).
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> Andras Aradszki tore the lid off the
> plot on the floor of Hungary’s national parliament in
> Budapest.
> “Yes, I speak of an attack by
> Satan,” said Aradszki, the nation’s energy
> undersecretary.
> Aradszki, who is a member of the
> Christian Democratic People’s Party, said George Soros
> wants the European Union to siphon away the national
> sovereignty of its member nations, bribe them – or force
> them – to accept waves of Islamist “migrants,” and
> destroy the traditional Christian civilization of each and
> every country in the world.
> Soros admitted parts of the “Soros
> Plan” in an op-ed in 2015, calling for Europe to do
> nothing about the uncontrolled flood of Islamist immigrants.
> EU nations would just receive these people, and their
> languages and customs, whether they like it or not.
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> “The EU has to accept at least a
> million (Muslim) asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable
> future,” Soros wrote.

> Soros’ plan for Europe wouldn’t
> come cheap – and Americans would be on the hook for a lot
> of it. He wrote that the EU would “need to make an annual
> commitment” of “at least €8-10 billion, with the
> balance coming from the United States.”
> He said the EU needed to develop a
> “comprehensive plan” that will “reassert effective
> governance” over its 28 member nations.
> The most important thing, he wrote, is
> that the EU “put an end to the panic,” because too many
> nations were opposed to being flooded with Muslim
> fundamentalists coming from terrorist-sponsors.
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> Why not? The jet-setting Soros can
> always flee to another one of his mansions, behind massive
> gates secured by teams of armed guards.
> This this is all part of his plan to
> destroy traditional religious culture and create a new world
> government, Aradszki stated.
> “Soros and his comrades want to
> destroy the independence and values of nation states for the
> purpose of watering down the Christian spirit of Europe with
> the forced settlement of tens of millions of migrants,”
> Aradszki said.
> He said Soros was behind “abortion,
> euthanasia, same-sex marriage, and the forced politicization
> of gender theory.”
> Aradszki said, though he was in Hungary
> at the time, he prayed in his heart with millions of Polish
> people during the “Rosary on the Borders.” Millions
> circled Poland, surrounded it in prayer, and made a
> statement that their nation was closed to Islamic
> terrorism.
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> Prayer is a powerful weapon, Aradszki
> said, and “George Soros will also experience this.”
> Until then, he praised the government
> for mailing response forms to every home in Hungary, asking
> their opinion on “the Soros Plan” earlier this month.
> Everyday people must “make our
> opinions known about Satan’s Soros Plan, but also for us
> to make our opinions known about what we think of our
> homeland’s thousand-year-old history, our national
> sovereignty, our freedom, and our beloved Europe.”
> Hungary has come out swinging against
> Soros’ financial – and political – war against the
> West.
> Prime Minister Viktor Orban is Soros’
> Public Enemy Number One. He has exposed Soros’ plans and
> massive influence on the governments of national, and
> international, bodies. He has opposed Soros opening his own
> university in Budapest.
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> Hungary’s deputy prime minister said
> that Soros’ war is part of a long, proto-Communist hatred
> of God, freedom and patriotism.
> “Fundamentally, the root of this
> hundreds of years ago started from Freemasonary’s
> inspiration, which later had a Jacobin version and a
> Bolshevik version, and one of its many branches is the
> Soros-type extreme-liberal thing,” said Zsolt Semjén on
> national radio the day after Aradszki’s speech.
> Extreme left-wing ideology
> “hates…Christian Europe’s traditions and civilization,
> and – if possible – even more hates the
> nation-states.”
> Media outlets have dismissed these
> warnings about Satan’s plan to import terrorists as
> anti-Semitic hatred.
> The Forward called any denunciation of
> George Soros hate speech against all Jewish people. The
> paper said the national consultation – which does not
> mention Jews, Judaism, or Israel – is “redolent of
> classical anti-Semitism” – although the paper admits,
> “The word ‘Jew’ was never uttered.”
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> Soros, who was born Jewish, allegedly
> collaborated with the Nazis before fleeing his home
> country.
> A Soros spokesperson told the Financial
> Times that normal European citizens have nothing to worry
> about. “There is no such thing as a global conspiracy
> against Hungary orchestrated by George Soros,” he said.
> Soros has made a fortune betting on the
> stock market – but the Hungarian people aren’t buying
> his bull on this.
> “We want a Hungarian Hungary and a
> European Europe,” said Orban.
> Hungarians overwhelmingly want to
> preserve their own culture, language, and borders – and
> they’re reward politicians who are willing to do something
> about it. More than 80 percent of the Hungarian people
> support the two toughest parties on border security: Viktor
> Orban’s Fidesz Party and the even more nationalist Jobbik
> Party. Orban seems to be a shoo-in to win a third term as
> prime minister in April.
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> Meanwhile, Soros is ginning up his
> operations in the U.S. He refilled his Open Society
> Foundation with $18 billion of his personal wealth to wage
> political warfare against America.
> Maybe it isn’t just political –
> maybe it truly is demonic.
> Be sure to read The Horn News as we
> expose Soros’ anti-American political maneuvers around the
> world.
> And say a prayer for America this
> Sunday – and everyday – that Soros’ money won’t
> convince us to destroy our country’s foundations.
> — Frank Holmes is a reporter for The
> Horn News. He is a veteran journalist and an outspoken
> conservative that talks about the news that was in his
> weekly article, “On The Holmes Front.”

P/S God save America and Greece from Soros’ demonic influence!

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